Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews 2021

Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews

Best Log Splitting Axe

HelkowerkVario is that type of axe which is very popular and well-known also in this best log splitting axe field. This product is a Germany-based best log splitting axe brand in Wuppertal.

The Brand of this product is considered the world’s best brand for its specialties.

This brand contains many special with exceptional features, for this reason, it has much popularity than another best log splitting axe brand.

This log splitting axe is made by the performance of the two biggest countries Germany and Switzerland. The product is designed from Germany and the attractive handle of this axe is designed by Switzerland. And the handle is made with the American hickory wood, as we know that the hickory wood is more adaptable and durable than another wooden.

The featured axe is completely different and the customer chooses this axe for its different featured quality. This axe contains a long handle but a small head. This axe doesn’t look like traditional and also not like the traditional axe. It has the capabilities to split wood for a long time. That means it is perfect to do the most difficult jobs. It has the capabilities of splitting tree trunks, rounds, and large logs. It delivers a powerful striking force by its deep wedge combined with punishing weight.
The specifications of the Helkowerkvario wood split is including below:
  • This is made in two famous countries Germany and Switzerland.
  • The head is made in Wuppertal, Germany.
  • The Handle of this axe is designed in Switzerland.
  • The grade of carbon steel is C50 from German.
  • The head is drop forged, heat treated, and oil-hardened featured.
  • 53-56 HRC.
  • The handle is made with the American hickory wood which is already A Grade wood.
  • The grain orientation, density, and the strength are individually selected in this axe.
  • It provides the perfect balance for its curved ergonomic design.
  • It contains a vegetable-tanned Leather Sheath and 1 oz bottle of axe Guard protective oil.
  • It has Allen wrench for the bolts.
  • The total weight of this axe is 8.5lb for best splitting.
  • The weight of the head is 6.5lb.
  • Length of the handle is 36inch.
  • The reliability and the life of this axe blade are maximum.
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