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Best Miter Saw

For this post, we have put together a selection of The Best Miter Saw that currently available. After putting in hundreds of hours of research on 340 different miter saw and testing dozens of them over the past four years, we have found that the DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw and Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw is the

most people use in wood worker’s house. It’s more reliable and longer-lasting than anything else at the price, it is relatively lightweight and easy to use, and it cutting well on any wood.

If you are looking for The Best Quality Sliding Compound miter saw. If yes, this might be a good place for you. What is the best miter saw out in the marketplace right now? We have created the Best Miter Saw Complete list. We have selected the most popular and best quality of sliding compound miter saws in the current market and another saw such as Circular Saw, Band Saw, Table SawScroll Saw help you find the perfect setup.

Which is the best for you?

There are many types of portable miter saws out there within the market. Finding the best miter saw among the various may not be terribly easy. They come in numerous styles and with varied features. You will not recognize that one is best suited for you, particularly if you don’t know anything regarding their technical specifications. There are not many miter saw reviews available either. You shouldn’t worry though! Our team of specialists when out to explore varied types of miter saws to find out however they compare against each other. They came up with a line-up of some of the best compound miter saws in the market.

We want you to be able to get the best miter saw that will best suit your needs, and in order to that, we believe you need to understand miter saws. Now you can read and check properly our selected best sliding compound miter saw for your great job. Take a moment and check our list, it will make sure that you’re buying experience too much easier.

Why you should trust us?

We have been reporting on and testing miter saw at We’ve collectively looked at more than 290 different types of sliding compound miter saws model; spent hundreds of hours testing more than 85 contenders in wood worker’s houses and gardens with different forest layouts; interviewed more than a dozen experts including engineers, repair technicians, and outdoor woodworker specialists; and talked to regular miter saw owners around the country.

So, here are our elected best miter saws that you can get knowledge about these products and buy.

1. DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saws, 12-Inch (DWS779)

The DEWALT DWS779 12″ sliding compound Miter saw features a powerful 15 amp, 3, 800 rpm motor that delivers extended power and sturdiness. it’s a super-efficient dirt collection system that captures over 75th of mud generated. This miter saw also offers an exclusive back fence style that cuts up to 2×16 dimensional lumbers at 90° and 2×12 at 45°.

Includes the integrated CUTLINE Blade Positioning System that gives adjustment-free cut line indication for better accuracy and visibility.dual horizontal steel rails with innovative clamping mechanism and linear ball bearings deliver an accurate, durable and compact saw.

  • Powerful 15 amp, 3, 800 rpm motor delivers extended power and durability
  • Exclusive back fence style cuts up to 2×16 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2×12 at 45°
  • Super-efficient dirt collection system captures over 75th of dirt generated.
  • Backed by DEWALT’S 3-year limited warranty
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness:6.75 inch

2. Genesis GMS1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saws with laser Guide and 9 Positive Miter Stops

Make Genesis Power Tools the beginning of your next DIY project! The Genesis GMS1015LC 10 in. Compound Miter saw.

  • Make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees left | perform compound Miter cuts with ease!
  • Use compound cutting for crown molding, shadow boxes, image frames, and a lot of | the Genesis compound Miter saw is cheap and versatile!
  • Laser cutting guide for faster alignment and improved accuracy | know wherever the cut are before time with the integrated laser guide!
  • Electric brake stops the blade in seconds and Arbor lock for fast blade changes
  • Includes: 60T carbide blade put in, hold-down clamp, dust bag, 2 extension wings, blade wrench and 2 aaa batteries for laser
  • Make precision miter cuts up to 45 degrees left and right, with 9 position stops at usually used angles
  • Arbor locks for fast blade changes
  • Die-cast aluminum base for portability and better accuracy
  • 9 Positive catch miter stops lock firmly in situ for quicker setup and correct cuts!

3. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD - 15 Amp 12 in. corded Dual-Bevel sliding Glide Miter Saws with 60 Tooth Saw Blades

The 12 in. Dual-bevel Glide Miter saw features the graceful cutting motion, accurate performance and space-saving style of bosch patented axial-glide system.

  • Axial-glide system: The patented glide system permits wider crosscuts and higher alignment while also being compact. this protects you 12 in. Of valuable workspace. bosch glide miter saw also offers unmatched smoothness of cut
  • Capacity: dilated cutting capacity 14 in. Horizontal capacity Nominal 6-1/2 in. Vertical capacity against the fence base 6-1/2 in. Crown capacity against the fence 45 spring
  • Adjustable: the GCM12SD miter saw provides easy adjustments with a large easy-to-read uniform bevel and chrome steel miter scales with marked detents and roof pitch angles. Bevel detents: zero, 33.9°, 45° left/right for accurate cuts. category best 90th dirt collection – optimized for cutting 2x material with a vacuum
  • Precision: square lock fast release fences lock fence 90° to the table and needs no adjustment, 1-touch lock/unlock to slide fence for supplemental support
  • Ease of use: upfront bevel Controls all-metal bevel lock lever and range selector set direct for fast and simple bevel settings without reaching behind the saw

4. Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saws with Laser Marker

Weighing simply 26.5 lbs., this 10″ compound miter saw offers the ultimate in kind n kind and function. With its aggressive style, there’s no doubt that this saw is designed for the skilled.

  • Hitachi’s laser Marker System for raised cutting accuracy
  • 15 Amp motor, powerful for the toughest cutting jobs
  • 0-52 Degree miter angle vary, to the correct and left for increased flexibility
  • 0-45 Degree bevel angle range, to the left with adjustable bevel stops for preciseness cuts
  • Horizontal handle with soft, vibration-reducing material grip adds comfort and control. Powerful 1950W most output and 1520W power input motor
  • Large pivoting flip fence raises 4″ for cutting crown molding vertically
  • Thumb motivated positive stops, easy to use for fast miter adjustments
  • Dust collector attachment, to reduce airborne particles
  • Only 26.5 lbs to facilitate maneuverability and movability
  • Includes: 10″ 24T TCT Saw Blade (311128), Pivoting Flip Fence (326704), bag (322955), bench vise Assembly (322952), 10mm wrench (940543), 4mm Hex Bar Wrench (944458), Material Support Extension (321549)

5. Delta Power instrumentation Corporation S26-262L 10" shop Master Miter Saw with laser

Shop Master 10 in. Miter saw with a battery-operated laser that produces aligning the blade to the workpiece a lot of convenient and precise.

  • The lightweight unit is simple to move from room to room or even from job to job
  • Works with just about all miter saw stands
  • Spindle lock holds spindle firmly while bade nut is loosened and removed
  • Capacity – cuts Nominal 4×4 and 2×6 at 90° and 2×6 with one pass
  • Bevels left – from 0°- 47°, cuts Nominal 2×6 at the full bevel

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6. Makita’s 10" Compound Miter Saws

Makita’s 10” Compound Miter Saw (model LS1040) combines power, performance, and easy use for many common miter cuts as well as a spread of applications including carpentry, cabinetry, deck building, framing, and more.

  • Powerful 15 AMP direct-drive motor for improved performance; 4,600 RPM
  • Dual post compound pivoting arm
  • Miter cuts 0°-45° left and 0°-52° right
  • Positive miter stops at 9 settings: 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, right or left and 0° (90° cuts)
  • Bevel cuts up to 45° to the left
  • Weighs only 27.3 lbs. for simple portability
  • The precision-machined aluminum base ensures accurate cuts
  • Performs compound cutting operations
  • Shaft lock for easy blade changes
  • Features powerful 15 amp motor and twin post compound pivoting arm
  • Provides a large capacity with cuts 52 degrees right and 47 degrees left with 9 positive stops at 15, 22-1/2, 30, 45 degrees left or right and 0 degrees
  • Durably designed with a machined aluminum base, dual aluminum base, dual slide rails, and a carbide tip blade
  • The saw includes vertical bench vise, blade, wrench, and triangular rule
  • Covered by a 1-Year warranty

7. Tacklife 15-Amp 12-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saws with laser Guide, useful Cutting, 13ft/4M cord with Plug - PMS02X

Tack life – skilled team on Amazon, that deals only with the development of the tools.

We commit ourselves to use qualitative tools to improve the standard of life.

  • Both the laser and scale ruler style make the cutting more straight and professional;
  • Powerful 15 amp motor delivers 3,500 rpm for extended power and durability
  • 5 hardened steel bevel stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30 °and 45° that delivers versatility at the most common bevel angles
  • With two blades lasts it an extended cutting life, and 40 teeth TCT blade for wood and plastic cutting, 80 teeth HSS blade metal cutting
  • Features a 45-degree L&R miter system with 9 positive stops. A 0-45 degree bevel tilt, permits for square cuts, bevel cuts and compound cuts
  • Dust collection bag, extension support bar for quicker repeat cuts, and prime clamp to extend cut accuracy
  • A comfortable horizontal handle with a vibration-reducing material grip keeps you in control at all times
  • 13ft / 4 M cord length with plug. easy to install and mounted/hang in anywhere as you wish

8. Shop Series RK7136.1 14-Amp 10" Miter Saws with Stand

The shop Series 10″ Miter Saw is supplied with a 14-amp motor, creating it ideal for powering through a variety of woodwork jobs such as cutting wood for trim, wainscoting, framing, or other DIY projects.

  • Powerful, light-weight 14-amp miter saw ideal for a variety of woodwork projects
  • Durable die-cast aluminum construction with stand
  • Features bevel adjusts from 0 to 45 degrees as well as preset miter detents at usually used angles
  • Equipped with an integrated dirt collection system to stay the work area clean
  • The 2-year limited warranty protects against defects in materials and acquirement

9. True Power 919 High-Speed Mini Miter/Cut-Off Saws, 2-Inch (colors might vary)

Great for smooth clean cuts in all styles of materials like hobby & model projects, wood tiles, Arrow & bolt shafts, notching arrows & bolts, golf club handles, small image frames, glass window projects and much more.

  • Precise sleek cuts on wood, plastic, soft metals (aluminum, copper, brass)
  • Cutting Dept: 1/2 in.
  • 7800 rpm Speed
  • Includes mini Bench Cut-off Saw with 71” cord, 2” HSS Blade(.020 in. Thick, 3/8 in. Arbor), 0-45 Degree Miter Gauge, Table Clamp, guide

10. Oshlun LG-R01 Radial Arm Saw optical device Guide

Our new 2nd generation laser guide is the best and best way to turn your saw into an exactitude cutting machine. Installation is quick and easy, simply replaces the outer blade flange with the laser unit.

  • Fits most radial arm saws and saws with a threaded 5/8-Inch arbor shaft
  • New recessed laser style to safeguard the laser from touching the material on deep cuts
  • New thinner design to fit a lot of saws
  • New brighter and more accurate laser line
  • Includes an extra set of silver oxide batteries

Best Miter Saw for 2019 – Buying Guide

The reviews above should help you that better understanding of what is the best sliding compound miter saws entails. The miter saws featured is all suitable for a specific situation. Such as, the best miter saws for you depends on the different factors. You need to explore different factors surrounding your requirement, to determine for the suitability of a particular miter saw the factors included; Power, Safety, Price, Conclusion


The powers of miter saw determine what tasks it can handle are. They are miter saw with little power, and they are specifically designed for lightweight home-based applications. They are a powerful miter saw designed for heavy-duty and professional applications. For instance, if you are looking for a sliding compound miter saw to go logging, you should take all-powerful miter saw. On the other hand, it is not very much to spend on expensive power full miter saw, if all you need to do is trim hedges or cut tree and wood branches.


Being able to work easily and efficiently is very important. Your safety is the most important though. Such as, you need to ensure that the miter saw you get have all the necessary safety measure in place. The miter saw needs to have an anti-kickback able system to protect your body from injuries. The more of the safety measure of the more suitable it is. It should be also having relevant certification from the relevant bodies, to stamp it is suitability. The most safety starts with proper operation knowledge of the miter saw you have. Ensure that you fully understand how to operate the miter saw and you can effectively control it.


The price of the miter saw is always the final determination of whether you are going to purchase it. Take time to compare with the different options of your budget and find out which is the best value for you. The Best miter saw may have the same featured but different price and depend on the various brands. Go to the market to buy the miter saw within your budget and one that fits your requirements. Ensure that you get the Best miter saw for the money and woodwork you have.


The reviews and buying guide above should help you find out the Best miter saw for you and down to your best-suited miter saw. If looking for woodworking best miter saw should no longer be such a daunting task. The review is quite too long. You cannot be able to recall all the details in it. Such as, below is a list of the entire best miter saw featured in the review. The description below highlights the respective feature of the best miter saw as well as their prices. You can quickly skim through the list and find your best-suited miter saw.

We hope that the list of the best miter saw was helping you.

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