Steatocystoma 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable

If you propose on making lovely, distinctive cuts on your workpieces, there’s no obtaining round the want for a high-calibre best scroll saw. Scrolling is an associate artform that quite virtually transforms the means that you just do your woodwork—that same, not all scroll saws are created equal.

We know that you just don’t essentially have time to try to all the analysis once it involves shopping for your power tools, which is why we’ve done it for you. We’ve studied and experimented with a number of the best saws on the market and located the subsequent best scroll saws to be the simplest choices out there.

Jet 727200K scroll saw with StandJet 727200K scroll saw with Stand4.3CHECK LATEST PRICE
Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable SpeedDremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed3.9CHECK LATEST PRICE
Steatocystoma 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction VariableSteatocystoma 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable4.1CHECK LATEST PRICE
DEWALT DW788 one.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-SpeedDEWALT DW788 one.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed4.3CHECK LATEST PRICE
Look Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed ScrollLook Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll3.9CHECK LATEST PRICE
Craftsman 16" Variable Speed scroll sawCraftsman 16″ Variable Speed scroll saw3.3CHECK LATEST PRICE
King Industrial 16-inch scroll sawKing Industrial 16-inch scroll saw4.6CHECK LATEST PRICE
ShopSeries RK7315 16" scroll sawShopSeries RK7315 16″ scroll saw3.9CHECK LATEST PRICE
Delta Power Tools 40-694Delta Power Tools 40-6944.0CHECK LATEST PRICE
SKIL 3335-07 one6" 1.2 Amp scroll saw with lightweightSKIL 3335-07 one6″ 1.2 Amp scroll saw3.1CHECK LATEST PRICE


1. Jet 727200K scroll saw with Stand

The first product that we’ll be watching is additionally the highest alternative on our list. you will not have detected of the tool manufacturer “Jet” before—while under no circumstances new the scene, they don’t quite have an equivalent present name that Dewalt will boast. That said, once we have a tendency to dive into the deluxe options of this high-calibre unit, you aren’t possible to dump them.

I should begin by mentioning that the Jet scroll saw isn’t a product for beginners. For one issue, it’s a touch bit large, which suggests that you just can want a space committed only for power tools so as to store this unit.

But storage isn’t the real reason why some folks are attending to turn away from the Jet—it’s the value. the top selection on our list conjointly happens to be the most valuable. It’s a problem, however, during this case, you’re positively obtaining what you acquire.

If you’ll look past the value of this unit, you may be able to get pleasure from the benefits of a stable however light-weight unit with associate enclosed stand, and a convenient raised space. you may conjointly appreciate however easy and intuitive the look of this unit is—the stand is adjustable to confirm that you just will scroll well despite your height, and you’ll use this unit each once you are sitting and standing.

The Jet is additionally quiet, immune to vibration, and extremely simple to take care of, significantly once it involves creating easy blade changes.

So whereas you’re paying additional for this product, you actually are becoming a special tool for your cash. The Jet succeeds in exactly regarding each means that the intense craftsman may arouse.


  • Quiet
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Easy blade changes
  • Adjustable


  • Expensive
  • A very little large

2. Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed

The next possibility might not be as fascinating because the Jet, however, it’s a reliable tool which will fulfil the requirements of the intense craftsman WHO simply can’t afford to drop tons of money at the instant.

Because of its combination of options, performance, and price, we’ve elite the Dremel as our price possibility on the list. Woodworkers that need a sensible combination of quality and cost-efficiency ought to provide it with a significant look.

Don’t let the cheap tag fool you: whereas this can be positively the best scroll saw for beginners, it’s conjointly wealthy enough in options and high enough in quality to square up to the requirements of skilled woodworkers.

For one issue, similar to the Jet, this unit is additionally designed to be easy. It conjointly options associate variable dirt port which will enable you to utilize a dirt assortment system in your look. This feature is nice as a result of not solely can you be able to keep your workhouse afar from junk, however you may conjointly defend your lungs since you’ll be inhaling tons less harmful dirt.

This saw conjointly has an associate auto-tension element that makes it a breeze to alter blades and accessories. additionally, to creating slight alterations to the tool a straightforward matter, it’ll conjointly enable you to simply manipulate your blade tension.

Another issue I prefer regarding this unit is that as a result of its size and it’s detachable perform, you may really be able to bring this saw to the piece of work, supplying you with many quality together with your work. It’s conjointly simple to lock the tool to tables, benches, and alternative surfaces for stationary use.

And, of course, it simply works well as a saw—with a swish and comparatively quiet motor associated an adjustable speed perform, you actually are becoming an honest, easy tool which will serve most outlets well.

On the drawback, this unit will lack a touch little bit of power, which means for more durable or thicker woods you would possibly encounter a touch little bit of struggle that would trim back from the exactitude skilled scrollers crave.

If you would like your best scroll saw to figure with exhausting or thick woods, you would possibly need to seem elsewhere. Otherwise, the Dremel will represent an excellent thanks to saving money and still get a good tool.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable speed
  • Easy to mount and modify


  • A little lacking in power

3. Steatocystoma 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable

WEN may be a pretty trustworthy whole within the world of carpentry, associated it’s precise as a result of merchandise like this one—this cheap best scroll saw is loaded with options that ought to create it an exciting choice to fulfil your desires.

What I prefer most regarding this tool is sole that it’s really expert, fascinating options. For one issue, the look of the steatocystoma permits it to just accept blades from multiple directions—this can offer you essentially unlimited cacophonous capability that ought to give additional choices for your work.

Speaking of choices, the steatocystoma conjointly options associate adjustable speed element which will allow you to take a particular, personalized approach every|to every} distinctive job—the speed is adjustable from four hundred to 1600 strokes per minute, therefore, you’ll provide each piece of work the precise setting it desires.

It conjointly comes with an excellent table—the surface is mostly spacious (16 by 11 inches) and bevels at up to 45 degrees. it’s conjointly well-built—the forged iron base featured on this unit ensures that you’ll have a stable space and stripped-down vibrations.

Another one in all the WEN’s additional distinctive attributes is that it comes with a tiny, low light-emitting diode light that can offer you a good view of your cuts in the least time. whereas this can be positively a feature we are able to do while not, it’s going to are available handy additional typically than we might assume.

And finally, similar to the Dremel, this unit conjointly options an honest dirt port which will keep your lungs healthy, and your look clean.

Of course, the steatocystoma saw isn’t good either—for one issue, this tool is intended to handle smaller workpieces. Some users mentioned that the adjustable speed element doesn’t work properly. detain mind that this can be a defect and not one thing that you just ought to expect to encounter if you buy the product. The steatocystoma remains an excellent tool that will okay be right for your desires.

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  • Affordable
  • Large table
  • Adjustable speed
  • LED lightweight


  • Not sensible for larger workpieces
  • Adjustable speed defect

4. DEWALT DW788 one.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed

I am attending, to be honest here—even tho’ I didn’t choose this product as our high alternative, I’m terribly keen on it. It’s as a result of Dewalt systematically makes a number of the simplest stuff on the market, and this unit positively falls into that class.

It’s positively valuable, however, the standard you’re obtaining here definitely justifies the value. the twin parallel arms featured on this scroll saw are designed specifically for the aim of reducing vibration, which can lead to a lot of electric sander and additional precise cuts.

This unit conjointly simple to take care of. Naturally, if you own similar tools, you’re most likely handy enough to grasp the way to pay attention of them, however still, tool-free blade changes just like the ones featured on this unit are perpetually a pleasant feature.

It’s conjointly designed to be simply ribbed for within cuts so that it will pivot from the purpose of the best saw for the electric sander, shorter cuts. In short, you’re obtaining a very nice saw here. If the Jet was too valuable for you, however, you continue to need deluxe options, this can be another nice choice to contemplate.

Of course, I’ve not spoken communication that it’s good. However, i’ll say that during this case the failings fairly delicate. The blade will tilt ever slightly, that makes 90-degree cuts harder, however other than that, it’s a great tool.


  • Minimal vibration
  • Easy blade changes
  • Simple access to within cuts


  • Pricey
  • 90-degree cuts are slightly tough

5. look Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll

I like to look Fox—a heap really. they will not have an equivalent name as Dewalt, however, they need well-tried to be capable of manufacturing quality tools like this scroll saw.

What I prefer most regarding this tool is that it’s easy within the very best means. There aren’t tons of distracting options, it’s simply the best saw that’s created to try to one thing: empower you to try to the simplest scrolling doable.

It will this through a spread of how. For one issue, this saw accepts each stapled and unpinned blades, supplying you with a wider form of choices once it involves scrolling. It conjointly incorporates a nice variety of options which will assist you to create the foremost out of this tool. for instance, the look Fox incorporates a lightweight to illuminate your space, therefore, you’ll create the foremost precise cuts doable.

It conjointly options a dirt blower and a dirt port which will keep your space nice and clean. therefore you’ll specialize in the duty at hand and not the cleanup afterward.

Finally, the look Fox is one more saw that incorporates a variable-speed element. tho’ fairly customary within the world of high-caliber tools, a variable-speed saw will handle away from a wider form of jobs, that makes it an essential feature.

Now, here comes the half wherever I ought to list some negatives regarding this saw, right? Well, there’s really not significantly in means of cons for this product. You will, however, got to detain mind that this unit isn’t superb at handling dense woods. aside from that, the look Fox is difficult to beat!


  • Variable-speed
  • Pinned and unpinned blades
  • Light Dust Blower


  • Struggles with dense woods

6. Craftsman 16" Variable Speed scroll saw

This is another one in all those Saws that are comparatively easy, which means that it’s not wealthy with spare options.

Now, to be fair, everybody likes an additional feature or 2 that adds a “wow” and convenience issue to the tool. That said, there’s conjointly one thing to understand a few tools that have assured enough to merely be itself—and this can be precisely what you’re obtaining here. The Craftsman options terribly restricted vibration, a generous work table, associated an all-around economical style which will leave as regards to everybody glad.

Really, there isn’t a lot of to complain regarding the Craftsman, such a lot so even its most important defect I may observe appears a touch petty. Did you prepare for this? Ok, the blade amendment may be a little awkward. That aside, it’s a great tool that nearly anyone would be happy to possess.


  • Reduced vibration
  • Generous work table
  • Efficient style


  • Awkward blade changes

7. King Industrial 16-inch scroll saw

This next saw is another valuable model, however,r once more you actually are becoming what you acquire here. during this case, your cash buys you a hundred and twenty v one.3-amp motor, a healthy work table which will empower you to use a wider form of work items, and, of course, a great dirt blower.

I see the King Industrial as another case of an excellent saw benefitting from a straightforward design—there aren’t tons of frilled options like pliant lights that, while nice, don’t perpetually perform as with efficiency as you hope they’d.

The design of this tool is targeted solely on empowering wood employees to arrange to sensible scrolling, and thereon from of this unit is nice. The options, durable construction, and sensible motor all work along to create a scroll saw that’s quiet, efficient, and stable.

Truly, the sole issue to mention against this saw is that it’s expensive. If you’ll look past that, it’s an excellent obtain.

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  • Stable style
  • Great motor
  • Big work table
  • High-quality dirt blower


  • Expensive

8. ShopSeries RK7315 16" scroll saw

This is another easy, however, ultimately rather more budget-friendly best scroll saw which may create a good possibility for the scroller searching for a basic, however still high-quality tool at a reasonable worth.

Despite its low price, which may justifiedly create an individual suspicious, we have a tendency to ar watching an honest tool here. The ShopSeries options associate atomic number 13 base that, whereas not as stable as a number of the forged iron bases on the costlier models out there, ought to keep your scroll saw nice and stable.

You’re conjointly obtaining a one.2-amp motor with this model that’s powerful enough, therefore, you’ll with confidence work with a large form of materials. Finally, the ShopSeries conjointly boasts a speed operation which will additionally increase your ability to require on various vary of comes.

Of course, the ShopSeries isn’t good either—it will suffer from a touch bit additional vibration than several scrollers like, which can eliminate it as an associate possibility for a few woodworkers.


  • Affordable
  • Cast atomic number 13 construction
  • Good motor


  • Prone to excessive vibration

9. Delta Power Tools 40-694

The second to last scroll saw we’ll be watching represents a great chance for scrollers to induce a superb saw at a moderate worth.

The Delta features simple blade changes, a twin parallel arm set that’s designed to attenuate vibration for accuracy and exactitude, associated an adjustable speed perform so you’ll set this tool anyplace from 400-1750 spins per minutes.

You also have the choice to pay a touch added to induce a stand and light-weight with this unit. It’s a small feature however I prefer it as a result of it saves the scroller that already has these things cash, and provides people who don’t an opportunity to simply get them if they’d like.

The truth is, there aren’t any obvious flaws with this tool. It works well. It isn’t the most cost-effective model on this list, however, it’s a great purchase. the sole flaw regarding the Delta was one thing that I {personally| I actually} didn’t personally encounter—apparently, once ordered online, this tool is packaged pretty carelessly that has a light-emitting diode to some users experiencing items that are broke on arrival.

A big drag, right?however conjointly not very one thing that we are able to hold against the saw itself.


  • Vibration-reduced arm
  • Speed choice
  • Option to shop for lightweight and stand


  • A very little expensive
  • Some items sometimes arrive DOA

10. SKIL 3335-07 one6" 1.2 Amp scroll saw with lightweight

The final saw that we’ll be looking at is that the SKIL 333507. And it’s another nice one, folks.

This best scroll saw features associate, light-emitting diode lightweight, to assist offer you a transparent few of your cutline, a variable-speed choice to diversify the number of materials that you just will work with, associated an integrated dirt removal system which will keep your lungs, and your workhouse clean. Overall, it’s a great saw which will work well for many woodworkers.

If I even have one criticism regarding this saw it’s that it’s a touch bit noisy—that aside, it very may be a nice obtain.


  • LED lightweight
  • Variable speed
  • The integrated dirt removal system


  • Saw runs a touch abuzz


So, what’s the verdict? that best scroll saw on the list is correct for your needs? the reality of the matter is that any one of those saws would create an excellent choice for many woodworkers.

If cash isn’t any cash no object and you demand the best out of your tools, contemplate obtaining the Jet. Or does one need a combination of quality and value? contemplate the Dremel.

And in fact, if neither of this stuck bent on you, the opposite eight tools featured on this list is sensible choices with an inordinateness of options which will function a huge improvement to your carpentry. Truly, if you choose to induce one in all these glorious scroll saws, there very isn’t any going wrong.

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