Best Survival Hatchet Reviews For 2020

Best Survival Hatchet and Reviews


A hatchet was a useful survival tool from the time it was first developed. Over time many features have been added with primitive designs. But choosing the best survival hatchet is not so easy, and if you fail to make the right choice, it will turn into a burden rather than a survival tool.

Don’t worry, and we will provide you with a brief guide to avoid mistakes while choosing your survival hatchet and also introduce with the best survival hatchet 2019 products with their features, pros, and cons.

Here is a list of the best survival hatchet:

BEST SURVIVAL HATCHETSchrade SCAXE5 12.8in Full Tang Tactical Hatchet4.4CHECK LATEST PRICE
best survival hatchetFirebird Camping Axe Set FSA01-YE 14 inch4.6CHECK LATEST PRICE
BEST SURVIVAL HATCHET Fiskars 385081-1001 Clearing Tools Hatchet3.9CHECK LATEST PRICE

5 Best Survival Hatchet Reviews

1. Schrade SCAXE5 12.8in Full Tang Tactical Survival Hatchet

Schrade SCAXE5 12.8in Full Tang Tactical Hatchet is 12.8 inches (32.5 cm) long hatchet with 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) long Carbon steel blade that weighs 1 lb 9 ounces. The durable hatchet blade is made of SK-5 High Carbon Steel, and the black handle is made from nylon fiber. The black nylon belt sheath is convenient with a belt loop to provide quick and easy access. Schrade survival hatchet ensures the security of your hand and your finger-shaped grip and much confidence that the blade or hatchet will not slip from your hand. 

What makes it Special?

This is the best survival axe including a spike pommel and also features a nail pull or pry bar. With all these features this is a great hatchet for survival in remote and dangerous places. Whether you are camping, hiking, executing bushcraft or any other adventurous activities, Schrade Tactical Hatchet can be your best companion. You will have a great feel taking it in hand as it’s not bulky. But it’s sturdy enough and chops great.


  • Durable blade made from reliable material.
  • It’s dependable and provides quick and easy access.
  • Confident about the security of hand.


  • It’s not much longer so it may face some difficulty in cutting large things.

2. Firebird Camping Axe Set FSA01-YE 14 inch

The high-quality Firebird Camping Axe is made to use in any conditions and any weather. The handle of the hatchet is manufacture by glass fiber reinforced nylon and a 3CR13 stainless steel, and the axe itself is cover with black resistant paint. The total size of the Firebird Camping Axe is 11.8″.

What makes it special?

The package of Small Camp Hatchet Tool includes Fiberglass Handle, a Best-quality Survival Saw and a small Flint for camping, hiking or any other outdoor adventures. You can use these tools separately in outdoor needs, and you can also make a bonfire with it easily.

The best camping hatchet 2019 is made with the goal to make it compact and convenient for camping, so it’s lightweight enough to carry easily in your car or with you. The use of high-quality materials in manufacturing turns it into a heavy duty camping hatchet that is much strong and sturdy to give you service for a long time. To prevent the hatchet from slipping your hand and the handle of the axe is extended at its end, and the end of the blade is also round. The saw of the axe is store in a handle of it. This overall structure makes it one of the most convenient and obviously safer survival multi-tools to use in outdoor.


  • Portable due to lightweight.
  • Multifunctional Small Camp Hatchet Tool with an axe, hand saw, and a small flint.
  • You can make a fire with it whenever you need it.
  • Some unique features added in shape to make it safer.


  • This is not a great one for hammering too hard things like metal tent stakes

3. Outdoor Camping Axe and Survival Hatchet

Best Choice Outdoor Camp Axe and Survival Hatchet is an ideal choice for camper, hunter, sportsman or hiker. You can chop anything with it like small to medium sized logs, wood or trees, kindling, thorns and so on. Its 14 inches long and the weight is 20 ounce which maintains perfect balance with this great power-to-weight ratio. The head of the axe is manufacture with Drop forged alloy steel with full polished finish. The cutting blade is 3.5 inches long.


  • Increased chopping speed and swing power with a perfect power-to-weight ratio.
  • More longevity and durability with the rust-preventative head.
  • Excellent cutting performance of the blade.
  • More comfortable anti-shock and anti-slip fiberglass handle.


  • Not always precisely sharpened, you may need to sharpen it again.

What makes it special?

Specially engineered 20-oz and the balance of length and weight multiply the power of chopping and also increase the speed of the swing. The alloy head has a clear coating which is rust-preventative. This combination increases longevity and durability. The cutting blade is sharpened and ground precisely, and the edge is treated by high-frequency heat to provide high cutting performance. The survival axe head and handle are assembled permanently and securely with strong epoxy such that it will never loosen. The anti-slip and anti-shock fiberglass handle are designed ergonomically to provide you with more control and also comfort with its soft rubber grip.

4. Promithi Camping Hatchet Axe Etched Wolf Head Stainless Steel

The size of Promithi Camping Hatchet is approximately 13-inch * 6.6 inch with a gross weight of 2lbs. The nylon head sheath of the hatchet has snap closure reinforced. The blade is forged with high carbon alloyed steel with a hardness of HRC 56.

What makes it special?

A hole is made at the end of the handle of the hatchet to use it as hang-up hook or for lanyard attachment. You can use the curved edge of the double ended blade for splitting and the chiseled edge of the blade for picking. The Beautiful sanded wood used in the handle with etched blossom creates an aesthetical and ergonomic design. Moreover, the wolf head etched on the blade makes the design of the hatchet extra-ordinary. It is an excellent axe for different uses like camping, hunting, hiking or even purposes like fire rescue or military and tactical training.


  • The hole at the handle end to hang it.
  • Aesthetical and ergonomic design
  • Use in outdoor activities and also in fire rescue or military training.


  • The blade is very sharp, and so it is dangerous. For this reason,
  • This product is not available for any person under age 18

5. Fiskars 385081-1001 Clearing Tools Hatchet

The length of the blade of Fiskars 385081-1001 Clearing Tools Hatchet is 9 inch which is an ideal length for chopping small branches, roots of the tree, vines, palms and so on. The manufacturing includes a nylon carrying sheath, and Fiskars gives a lifetime warranty.

What makes it special?

You can use it in your garden and yard for many purposes. The curve of the blade is great for pull-cutting, clearing vines or removing suckers. Fiskars Hatchet is designed to give a fast and powerful performance in gardening or vegetation in your yard as a survival hatchet multi tool.  The use of this hatchet is one-handed that leaves the other hand totally free to grab anything. It helps in pile cutting and chopping through thick materials as you don’t need to use two-handed grips to hold it. The blade is rust-resistant and ultra-sharp, and the shape is made thoughtfully to cover a wide range of activities.


  • One handed use leaves another hand free to grab and pile cutting that also speeds up the clearing.
  • Designed for fast and powerful performance.
  • Comfortable handle design- for general use grip the middle and to swing with maximum force, grab the end.
  • Quick pull-cuts with sharpened blade curve.


  • Not always comes precisely sharper.

Facts You Should Consider While Buying a Survival Hatchet

There are several types of hatchet and axes available in the market. But for survival, you need to choose such one that is worth helping you in outdoor activities and survival issues.
Solid Grip  
This is the most important factor to consider while buying survival hatchet. Some axes get wet in rain, humidity, snow or even from sweaty palms. But whatever the reason, the axe should be such that it has a strong grip and never slips from your grip. The handle of the best camping axe 2019 should be made of non-slippery material such as rubber or wood.
If the blade of the hatchet is not sharp, then it’s of no use. It should be made of good materials, and you have to make sure that you are using it for chopping that things only for which it’s made of.
Proper Balance
That hatchet will be considered as a good one which has a good balance between its head and the fail. The imbalance of the hatchet can make your task difficult.
We tried to provide the ultimate guide to choose the best survival hatchet. Hope it will be helpful for you in making the decision of buying one. our Best Camping Hatchet for you