MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw

Choosing the best tile saw is a tough task once you’re two-faced with such a large amount of product.

When it comes to the best tile saws there’s the choice of a hand-held, a tabletop, a motorhead wet cutting tool. It all depends on what gets YOUR job done best.

Why did we choose it?

Simply because of its high build quality and potency to urge the duty done over and all over again – creating it the proper choice for a contractor.

We will conjointly show you a listing of alternative best tile saw reviews that we expect you must take a glance at, as they could fit your desires higher. 

Below is a list of the top tile saws on the market. allow us to grasp if we tend to miss any out you’re thinking that is price a mention thus we can update our list.

DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw4.3CHECK LATEST PRICE
SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw4.0CHECK LATEST PRICE
SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw4.2CHECK LATEST PRICE
Chicago electrical Tile Brick Saw Chicago electrical Tile Brick Saw3.6CHECK LATEST PRICE
MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile SawMK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw3.4CHECK LATEST PRICE
MK Diamond MK-170 Wet Tile Saw MK Diamond MK-170 Wet Tile Saw2.9CHECK LATEST PRICE
QEP 22650Q Wet Tile SawQEP 22650Q Wet Tile Saw3.8CHECK LATEST PRICE

1. DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw

The DeWalt D24000 and its counterpart the model D24000S with the stand is a wonderful selection for anyone in would like of a robust and versatile tool with an excellent cutting capability, made by one amongst the most important brands within the business.

It’s in all probability the best industrial tile saw on the market and also the value of this ranges between $850 and $999, creating it the top end pick on our list. For this value, it offers associate degree integrated cantilevering rail system with 24 inches cacophonic capability and eighteen inches diagonal cutting capability.

The rail system is chrome steel, protective it from corrosion associate degreed making certain you of extended product life. The steel blade is 10 inches in diameter and 0.06 inches thick. you’ll be able to the amendment it with a key. it’s appropriate for cutting ceramic ware, stone, ceramic, pavers.

The saw frame integrates the rail system; this guarantees correct cuts. Also, it’s terribly compact, creating the tool straightforward to hold around. It weighs 69 lbs and it will simply be transported and created by one person alone.

The integrated mitre provides you with a selection of 45 degrees and twenty two.5 degrees. This feature helps you get fast angle cuts. Their depth is of 3-1/8 recommending the tool for V-cap and pavers.

The water pan of the DeWalt D24000 and also the D24000S will contain five gallons of water, and it is placed in either rear or aspect attachments to contain water run-off and blade spay-over.

The cutting cart and also the water containment receptacle area unit straightforward to get rid of, clean and transport. If you don’t have a bench to position it on, then you’ll be able to like better to get the version that comes with a foldaway stand, that is suggested if you’re on the go.

The product is simple to use, straightforward to scrub, straightforward to hold around and to line up. decision making from the value alone, this is often not a hobby tool. there’s a one HP motor which provides the tool with enough power to be taken seriously.

Some comments were created regarding the noise levels of the device, that sounds stupid however it’s to be expected from the ability. Otherwise, this explicit tile saw was fine received each by those who use it on tiny comes yet as those who use it professionally.

If you’re trying to find the best tile saw extended last lasting, quality best tile saw from a prime complete, then this is often a requirement have.

  • 10-inch diamond blade
  • Plunge-cut and bevel features
  • The stainless steel rail system
  • Dual water nozzles
  • 26″ rip and eighteen 3/8″ diagonally
  • 1.5-horsepower motor
  • Weighs sixty-nine lbs
  • 3-year pledge
  • 1-year free service


  • Contains a massive capability.
  • Lightweight enough to hold, finely designed water containment system.
  • Not like most wet tile saws.
  • Handy plunge cut feature.
  • The powerful motor makes this ideal for larger jobs.
  • Nice pledge and service enclosed – in different words.
  • It’s the best-skilled tile saw.


  • Value, powerful motor suggests that this will turn out heaps of noise.
  • In all probability overkill for little rare jobs

2. SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw

The Skil 3350-02 7-inch best tile saw with HydroLock water containment system is another tool that gives the nice price and goes for a value travel between $140 and $160, slightly dearer than the 3540-02 version.

What will the Skil 3550-02 wet tile saw have that’s different? The HydroLock System. this is often associate degree innovative higher and lower guard that helps you retain water contained close to the blade. this enables nice preciseness cutting and minimum clean-up later on.

It has associate degree integrated rail cart system and mitre gauge for 45 and 22.5 degrees. Its most rip capability is eighteen inches. Its diagonal cut capability is 12 inches.

It comes with a slippy aspect extension to support tiles of up to 18 x 18 inches. It is used on either the left or the correct aspect of the table.

This tool weighs 24 pounds, creating it simply manageable, straightforward to hold around and created. However, though it’s within the light-weight class, it will cover ceramic ware, stone, ceramic and pavers with it certainly.

The blade of the Skil 3550 wet tile saw is 7 inches in diameter and 0.05 inches thick. it’s fabricated from steel and might be modified by key. The water pan will hold three gallons of water and it’s fabricated from plastic.

The cutting cart and also the water containment receptacle are removable. Users say that this tool is simple to line up, straightforward to use and simple to scrub.

Reviewers mention that this is often an excellent tool for the do-it-yourselfer. it’s durable and simple to manage. the planning appears to be sensible, although one reviewer claimed to possess been aggravated with perpetually having to re-tighten the fence whenever he rapt.

Overall, most of the people appear to assume that it’s a decent saw for the money which it had been conjointly with success used on larger comes. The manufacturer provides a three years pledge for this fastened the best tile saw. 

  • Hydro lock water containment system
  • Sliding aspect extension supports tiles up to eighteen x 18″
  • Aluminium table prime
  • Adjustable rip fence with mitre gauge
  • Bevel cuts tile at zero, 22.5 and 45 degrees
  • 7″ blade diameter
  • 3-year pledge


  • Excellent for the house DIYer.
  • Nice price.
  • Water containment system will a decent job.
  • Lightweight and moveable.


  • Few users mentioned the splash guard gets dirty quickly that desires cleanup.
  • Removal the water is a pain because the pan isn’t removable.
  • Some users conjointly mentioned that the rip fence isn’t terribly precise and might be tough to manoeuvre & set.

3.SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw

The SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch we tend to tile saw keeps arising as a market prime notice. it’s the advice of the many professionals who acumen to assess such a tool, and it’s our recommendation and also the prime of our prime rated list. It makes a nice price and is priced around $90 – $110, creating it one amongst the foremost accessible things on our list.

The best tile saw has associate degree integrated rail cart system, a water pan of 2 gallons and a motor of 2 HP. It performs 3600 rotations per minute and it’s a diagonal cut capability and a most rip capability of 14 inches.

The blade is formed of steel and it’s modified by key. It weighs seventeen.7 pounds, creating it light-weight. it’s sensible for cutting ceramic ware, ceramic and pavers. The work surface is chrome steel thus you may haven’t any corrosion problems.

The diamond blade is 7 inches and it’s designed for quick and sleek cutting. The SKIL 3540-02 comes with a cooling water reservoir. This keeps the blade cool and it minimizes the dirt and also the rubbish created with each cut.

You have full management of your project with this tool. it’s associate degree adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for straight cuts. Also, there’s a 0 – 45 degrees bevel for an awfully big selection of cuts.

Users appear to assume that this tool is simple to use and simple to scrub. The manufacturer stands by this product, providing a 30-day a reimbursement guarantee and a 1-year pledge.

Although most of the reviews were favorable to the merchandise, there have been people who claimed that the best tile saw is best for infrequent DIY comes and not for ample home rework comes or for professionals with enormous employment.

While some same that the motor overheats, others mentioned that the blade is very boring which that they had sensible cutting management only if they worked extremely slowly. this is often not sensible for giant comes with a decent point.

As way, because the water reservoir goes, some same that it sprayed them within the face whenever they used the best tile saw, that it’s tiny which it must be refilled every few uses which replacement it had been not the best issue.

  • Supports tiles up to 12 x 12″
  • Adjustable rip fence with mitre gauge
  • Blade cooling water reservoir
  • Bevel cuts tile from 0 to 45 degrees
  • 7″ blade diameter diamond blade
  • Weighs 18 lbs
  • 3-year pledge


  • Wonderful price
  • Nice for home DIYer WHO will tiny jobs.
  • Easy to use.


  • The water reservoir is tiny.
  • Laborious to fill and not removable.
  • Users mention there are heaps of splashes.
  • Slower to use compared to additional powerful tile saws.
  • Not appropriate for the skilled or wherever it’s used frequently.
  • The table may be a bit small.

4. Chicago electrical Tile Brick Saw

The Chicago electrical a pair of.5 HP 10” Industrial best Tile/Brick Saw from Harbor Freight is another nice choice for anyone in would like of a decent saw, and a preferred selection too.

You can develop this item for costs travel between $350 and $400. Not the most valuable item on our list, however positively not on a budget finish either.

This item comes with associate degree integrated rail cart system and mitre for 45 and 22.5 degrees. the head pivots permitting a maximum rip capability of 24 inches and a diagonal cut capability is 18 inches.

It has a pan made of plastic with a 3-gallon-per-minute pump. The water containment receptacle is removable and simple to scrub.

The motor is incredibly powerful at a pair of.5 HP. The electrical phenomenon of the best tile saw is 15.0. it’s a dual condenser motor with sealed bearings. The issue you may appreciate regarding it’s the actual fact that it had been designed with thermal overload protection. It will 3800 rotations per minute.

The nice issue regarding the Chicago electrical a pair of.5 HP 10” industrial tile saw is that its associate degree adjustable cutting head that permits you to handle each industrial tiles yet as bricks. It will even as well with cutting ceramic ware, ceramic, pavers.

The blade incorporates a 10-inch diameter that is 0.05 inches thick. it’s created out of steel and you have got to vary it by key. the maximum depth of the cut is 3- 1/2 inches.

The tool weighs 90 lbs. Its table dimensions are seventeen inches x nineteen – ¾. The steel frame is outsized thus you’ll be able to have nice preciseness along with your work. it’s straightforward to line up and handle and also the table guarantees that you simply can get a straight cut.

Some reviewers claimed that the pump gave out. They advise obtaining a replacement if the injury happens within the 1st 90 days from purchase as there aren’t any replacement pumps out there. Others claim that the pump is just too weak sure enough comes.

Other reviewers were unfortunate enough to urge duds with missing components, poorly delivered or with works issues. In matters of style, one reviewer mentioned that he failed to notice the location of the on/off switch on the opposite aspect of the tool terribly intuitive since he needs to reach across the tool whenever. HA!

  • Powerful dual condenser motor
  • 2.5 HP
  • Can do 22.5 and 45-degree bevel cuts
  • 24″ cutting capability
  • Weighs 90 lbs
  • 10″ blade size
  • Can cut tiles or bricks up to 3-1/2″ thick
  • 90-day pledge


  • Good price.
  • Terribly correct.
  • A powerful, handy bevel cut feature.
  • Premium tile saw for the DIY enthusiast.


  • Doesn’t keep company with a blade
  • Because of the burden, you will like a wheeled stand if you propose on moving it.
  • Not counseled for industrial use
  • Poor pledge

5. MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw

The MK Diamond MK-370EXP 1-1/4HP 7-Inch wet cutting tile saw is one in all the highest finish machines on our list, and though it’s not the foremost valuable, it still prices within the region of $400 – $460.

It has one piece zinc-plate steel frame. The depth of cut is a pair of inches. The cut at 45 degrees is 1 – 1/8 degrees. The length of cuts is 18 inches. the most diagonal cut is 13 inches.

The best tile saw has an associate degree integrated rail cart system and a mitre gauge for 45 degrees. the most rip capability is 18 inches, and also the diagonal cut capability is twelve inches. Plunge cutting is formed attainable by the variable height cutting head.

A great feature of the saw is that the safety switches to stop the saw from being operated once the key accustomed lock it’s removed. this is often a decent issue since the saw comes with a motor of one.25 HP and might perform 6000 rotations per minute.

The diamond blade incorporates a 7 inches diameter and is 0.05 inches thick. dynamical the blade is completed by key.

It is straightforward to assemble, and it comes with a maintenance free, self-lubricating pinion and shell. it’s a light-weight tool deliberation solely 33 pounds. It will cover ceramic ware, ceramic and pavers.

The saw incorporates an intrinsic pump receptacle with a removable thermoplastic water reservoir. The water pan incorporates a pair of gallons of capability.

The MK-370EXP is simple to use, straightforward to scrub, and a simple to line up tool. The cutting cart is removable so is that the water receptacle. An aspect extension is on the market yet for supporting larger tiles.

Most user reviews say the merchandise is sweet for the money; that’s doing its job with preciseness and with a minimum clean-up later on. It takes solely minutes to grasp however it operates. there’s some noise created by the blade, however, that too is to be expected.

Other reviewers claim that the pump is susceptible to plug which the manufacturer might have done away a higher job during this respect.

  • Lightweight and moveable
  • 45° mitre system
  • Plunge capability
  • 5/8-Inch diameter chrome-plated linear guide
  • 7″ diameter blade
  • 1.25 HP motor
  • 1-year pledge


  • Easy to maneuver around.
  • Smart build quality produces sleek cuts.
  • Sensible wet tile for the house DIYer.


  • The powerful motor means that it’s quite loud.
  • User mention isn’t counseled for skilled regular use.

6. MK Diamond MK-170 Wet Tile Saw

The MK Diamond 157222 MK-170 1/3-Horsepower 7-inch bench wet tile saw is bought for a value anyplace within the vary of $220 and $250. it’s mid-range machine compared to a number of the opposite product we’ve got enclosed in our list and is that the cheaper version of its larger brother, the MK 370EXP.

The item is compact, deliberation 17.8 pounds. it’s versatile, straightforward to use and simple to hold around and to scrub. It comes with a diamond blade and a submersible pump. The 7-inch blade will create cuts a pair of inches deep and 12 inches long.

The motor may be a high torsion, universal one with 1/3 HP. It performs 5,500 rotations per minute. the product is therefore ideal for cutting counters or floor tiles.

There is a platform to permit the preciseness of labour. However, some reviewers mentioned that the table the tile sits on doesn’t slide into the saw, however, the tile slides on prime. Overall, additional individuals asked the manufacturer to revamp the table prime on this model.

Although it’s a decent best tile saw, that helps you get your job done. Some individuals complained that it had such a lot overspray that they had to use it outside, whereas others specifically same that there wasn’t abundant overspray.

No doubt this is often a product for the weekend warriors, though a number of these DIY-ers have managed to finish additional ample comes mistreatment this tool. it’s going to all rely on however laborious you employ it.


  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 7″ diameter blade
  • Weighs 15 lbs
  • Includes 7-inch diamond blade, submersible pump, adjustable rip guide
  • 1-year pledge


  • Glorious price.
  • Robust motor.
  • Excellent for the weekend do-it-yourselfer.


  • Not nice for larger tiles.
  • A guide isn’t terribly straightforward to use or correct.
  • Not appropriate for the skilled.

7. QEP 22650Q Wet Tile Saw

The QEP 22650Q ¾ HP {120|one hundred twenty|a hundred associate degreed twenty} volt tile saw has an integrated rail cart system and a mitre gauge for cuts at 22.5 and 45 degrees. it’s a hard and fast saw which matches for an affordable value of $80- $99. golf stroke on the worth endwise our list.

The maximum rip capability of the saw is 30 inches. The diagonal cut capability is 30 inches. the maximum depth of the cut is of 1-1/4 inches.

The motor has a pair of HP and an electrical phenomenon of 4.8. It will perform 3600 rotations per minute.

The blade is formed of steel and it’s a diameter of 7 inches and is 0.06 inches thick. It is modified by key. it’s appropriate for cutting ceramic and pavers.

Being a wet tile saw, it comes with a water pan with a capability of 2 gallons. it’s created out of ABS plastic; it is simply taken out and cleansed. The QEP 22650Q3 comes with an enclosed water baffle that minimizes water spray and reduces refill.

At 15.7 pounds, this tool is taken into account light-weight. it’s terribly straightforward to maneuver around, to line up and pack up. The pledge offered by the manufacturer is 1 year.

Some reviewers claim that for the continual use you would like to stay water at hand. It splashes a touch when you work with it, however, expertise shows that this tends to happen with some individuals quite others. it’s going to depend upon however the tool is assembled and used.

Also, some reviewers claim that the saw rusts simply if it’s not dried out well. Air drying might not be a decent plan. The background level is high yet, however it always comes with the territory within the case of tools with a high range of rotations per minute.

Otherwise, the product is nice for the money paid. most of the people appear to advocate it primarily for smaller comes.

  • 3/4 HP motor
  • 8 in. table extension for larger tiles
  • 22.5 and 45-degree mitre cuts
  • 1-year pledge


  • Rock bottom.
  • Straightforward to line up.
  • Nice for home DIYers doing tiny jobs.


  • Plastic casing feels low-cost.
  • Rusts simply if not dried completely.
  • Rusts simply if not dried completely.
  • Not counsel for the skilled contractor.

Buying Guide

Best tile saw Technically, it shouldn’t be laborious to decide on the correct tile saw for you. you have got a great deal to decide on from during this respect. much, there area unit such a large amount of choices that an individual selecting this tool for the primary tile would possibly feel powerless. This goes double for the weekend individual WHO is simply setting out to work on such a project. I do know this goes while not language, however with any tool, confirm you follow safety guides thus you totally perceive the risks and hazards they create, particularly with a tool sort of a cutting tool.


Like with any investment, the value is essential. have faith in the extent of the utilization you’re reaching to get out of this tool.

Is it this one time project or does one set up on doing additional by yourself? have you ever command a tile saw before and does one assume you may manage the task?

There are value ranges higher for getting your own best tile saw than for transaction out this type of apparatus. the choice on however way you would like to require this occupation is yours.


The second issue to make your mind up on is that the kind of product you would possibly feel more well-off mistreatment. does one need to suppose a sturdily fastened tile saw with a table prime and slippy tile platform to try and do [*fr1] the job? Or does one assume you may handle the moveable version of a tile saw? are you able to get cuts even as straight?

Maneuverability is a massive deal, and it means that considering the burden of the item. you may feel inclined to assume that the heavier the tool is, the simpler it’s to work. In reality, all tile saws supply nice precision, n matter the burden. This would possibly count in alternative areas, though. Transportation, storage, general handling ought to be taken under consideration additionally.

What else might you employ it for?

Probably the foremost necessary question you want to be asking is what kind of material you may be performing on. Their area unit bound kinds of blade designed to chop bound kinds of materials. select the full project before speeding to shop for a tile saw. have faith in the sort of stone you would like to use then confirm the product you have got chosen will cut that kind of fabric especially.


Do not be afraid to raise specific queries and don’t expect to be lined by what’s tacit that the product will do. By assumptive that one kind of saw is used on no matter kind of material, you’re on a unidirectional street to an obtaining a tool you may not be able to use.

Like any DIY-er WHO respects his work, you too ought to grasp the specifics of your project. Get info on the depth of the cuts, the time you would like to form the cuts once necessary, the fabric you may be performing on and also the place you may be acting from. you’ll be able to choose between wet and dry saws, steel and diamond blades.

The grip also can matter. operating long hours with a tool that doesn’t work right in your hand is unbelievably deadening. consider this facet as well; otherwise, it may affect the preciseness of your cuts and also the outcome of your project.


Wanting to do a covering project all by yourself is a daring move however {one more|another|an additional|a new|an extra|an added} and more, individuals area unit willing to form. we tend to don’t grasp whether or not it’s about a surge within the need to try and do things alone or as a result of there are so many skilled tools created out there for purchase out there that individuals have an interest in attempting them out.

Either way, any DIY project should be backed by careful coming up with elaborated thinking. Get everything prepared before you begin and prepare the correct materials.

The right tools can assist you to bring everything to life. It all starts with you knowing specifically however you would like the project to travel and what you would like from the project you’re setting out to work on.

The best tile saw is significant on a covering project. however, the expertise you have got on this occasion will encourage you to stay going or to prevent there. this is often why a wonderfully chosen blade, a flexible and handy tool will create a world of distinction. We recommend to you that to get knowledge about the best reciprocating saw

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