Best Wood Splitting Axe Reviews Of 2020

Best Wood Splitting Axe Reviews 2020


Are you going to buy an axe or hatchet for splitting wood? This article is obviously intended to help you in choosing the best wood splitting axe.

We provide here the list of best wood splitting axe 2019 and splitting axe reviews with the basic features, specifications and pros and cons of each product. We also provide the guideline for choosing the best wood splitting axe that will help you in buying.

Here is a list of the best wood splitting axe:

BEST WOOD SPLITTING AXETruper 30520 3-1/2-Pound Single Bit Michigan3.6CHECK LATEST PRICE
BEST WOOD SPLITTING AXE1844 Helko Werk Germany Bavarian Woodworker Axe4.7CHECK LATEST PRICE
BEST WOOD SPLITTING AXERuthe by Picard 3012564019 Axe with Hickory Handle3.6CHECK LATEST PRICE

Best Wood Splitting Axe Reviews

1. Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe, 27 Inch

The head of Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe is of European style with a 4-inch long blade and 4 ½-inch cutting edge. With every swing, the axe takes a big bite. The American Hickory handle is straight-grained, very sturdy, and durable. The product is field-tested extensively by Lynn C.

What makes it special?

You can clear roads and trails, chop kindling and a fair sized tree, build blinds and for so many tasks. You can carry this compact Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe easily in your hand or in your bag. Read more


  • Takes a big bite with every swing.
  • The handle is very sturdy and durable.
  • Easily portable.


  • The axe is attached as the shoulder on the haft that may not begin to thicken until 2-inches below the head.

2. Truper 30520 3-1/2-Pound Single Bit Michigan

Truper Single Bit Michigan Axe is the best wood splitting axe for many uses like wood splitting at home, dairy, farm, sport, gardening or recreation. The HM-31/2H, the handy axe has an edge assembly of a heat treated blade, wood and, steel. The total length of the axe is 35-Inch.

What makes it special?

The hickory handle is much durable and provides the strength and comfort of an industry standard. After using the best axe, clean the coating blade and the handle with light lubricant. For more than 40-years, Truper is producing hand tools, and in this field, it is the biggest Mexican company by far. Truper gives the guarantee optimum quality with modern and efficient technology. Read more


  • Durable, strong and comfortable.
  • Modern and efficient technology.


  • The axe has a coating that due to which the axe may get suck in logs.

3. Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul 31.50 Inch Wood Splitting Axe, 450

The total length of Gransfors Bruk Splitting Axe with handle is 80 cm or 31.5 inches with 5 ½ ib. head. The axe weighs 3,2 kg or 7 lb. The vegetable-tanned leather of the axe has Sheath. This splitting axe is the heaviest product manufactured by Gransfors Bruk, and it’s the best wood splitting axe for felling trees. Read more

What makes it special?

You can use the Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul to split very knotty or thick chunks or logs splitting wood. This forged axe has a quite thin blade, and it is ground to a concave. You can cut your logs very easily and quickly with this axe. The broader section of the cut log pushes apart, and so you can split it effectively. This is a perfect maul to strike a wedge with a proper combination of its bevelled cornered sturdy poll and its weight. The design of the Gransfors Splitting Axe is close to larger axes, but its poll is slightly longer. There is a protective steel collar of the handle for an extra firm grip which is placed below the head of the axe and round grooves towards the end.


  • Can split very thick or knotty logs
  • Cuts quickly and easily and splits effectively
  • It’s perfect for striking a wedge
  • The extra firm grip of the handle of the axe with a protective steel collar.


  • The head of the axe may seem too sharp and tapered for hardwood.

4. Stansport Wood Handle Axe, 24-Inch

Stansport Wood Handle Axe is 24-inch long with drop forged head that is more strong and durable. The hardwood handle is extra strong. Total weight of the product is 2.5 lbs, and it features flat back for effective hammering. Read more

What makes it special?

You can use this 24-inch Stansport Wood Handle Axe for chopping logs or woods like a champ. Each head of this axe is drop forged carefully that turns it into a perfect, stronger and durable tool. The flat back of the axe-head is very effective for hammering. The hardwood handle is sturdy enough to handle any kind of strenuous use. Moreover, the handle is much longer to provide better leverage to complete the job perfectly.


  • An especially strong and durable tool with drop forged head.
  • Long and strong handle to give leverage.
  • The flat back is effective for hammering


  • It doesn’t come with a sheath

5. Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe

The hand -forged head of Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe is manufactured from Swedish axe steel. Actually, it’s made in a foundry which is working from 1697!  The weight of this Felling axe head is approximately 3.5 Lbs, and the length of the handle is 32 inches. The head of the axe is a package of blasted and clear lacquered ironwork. The handle of the axe is linseed oil treated. The curved shaft of Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe is the best wood splitting axe for felling trees that is produced from US-sourced hickory. Read more

What makes it special?

Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe is much durable for its special production process. As a part of the production process, the steel is struck several times to increase the density of the steel which results in more durability. A tempered zone is specially designed in the construction of the head that holds a very sharp edge even if you sharpen it many times. The traditional protective sheath of leather comes with each axe. Unique Swedish decorative elements embellish the sheath. A detailed user manual is provided with Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe. This product is actually intended to cut up or bring down small to larger size log splitter or trees


  • More durable steel with more density.
  • Traditional protective sheath comes with each axe.
  • The blade is very sharp even after multiple sharpening.


  • High-quality product but the price is also high

6. Council Tool Wood-Craft Pack Axe, 24" Hickory Handle

The overall weight Council Tool 2# Wood-Craft Pack Axe is 2.75 lbs. The weight of the axe head is 2 lbs, and it’s made with 5160 American Steel. The length of the American hickory axe handle is 24 inches. Read more

What makes it special?

The Council Tool is quite popular in manufacturing large hand tools and premium quality axes.  These tools are usable in many purposes in industry, construction, hardware, firefighting and so on. They produce their products in their North Carolina headquarters to maintain high quality. They also have rigid quality inspection process through which each product passes before deployment.

Wood-Craft Pack Axe is a premium axe with multi-functional features that can effectively chop, cut, split, shave, carve, hammer, hew, aid in fire starting, and it’s also helpful in wood-craft and many outdoor activities.

The comparatively high price is deserved by the Council professional tools for their high-quality and also for the innovative designs.


  • Wood-Craft Pack Axe is a multi-functional premium quality axe.
  • Products are manufactured under rigid and quality inspection.
  • Innovative design with high quality.


  • The axe has a leather mask to cover its edge, but it doesn’t come with a full sheath and sling.

7. 1844 Helko Werk Germany Bavarian Woodworker Axe

Helko Werk Woodworker Axe is manufactured in Wuppertal, Germany. German C50 high-grade carbon steel is used in production with 53-56 HRC. The Grade-A American hickory axe handle is Switzerland made, and FSC certified. The weight of the axe head is 3.5 lb, and the total weight of the whole axe is 5.5 lb. The length of the Helko Werk Woodworker Axe is 31 inches. The axe comes with a vegetable tanned leather sheath and a Steel Overstrike Protector. Read more

What makes it special?

The highly capable Bavarian Woodworker Axe is full-size axe with traditional German cutting and Helko Rheinland pattern on the axe head. The head of the axe is slim but much sharp to outperform most of the felling axes with American pattern. Large trees will fall with this sized axe without any hassle. The axe is also quite capable of splitting the woods very effectively. This a perfect axe for your home, farm or cabin. Halko’s Master Smiths have handcrafted each product which is a lifelong artisan in metalcraft. To shape the head of the axe tongs are used by the Smith on an open face drop forge. This skill of impressive control is not achieved overnight, and it requires years of practice.


  • It comes with Overstrike Protector and leather sheath.
  • Products are hand-crafted by super expert Smiths.


  • No two pieces of the product are exactly alike as they are hand-crafted.

8. Ruthe by Picard 3012564019 Axe with Hickory Handle

Ruthe Axe is fully forged axe with a hardened head and Hickory handle. The High-quality Carbon Steelhead of the axe is finely polished from its convex ground to a sharp edge that makes it the best axe for chopping trees. The total weight of Ruthe long handle axe is 4.1lbs

What makes it special?

The hardened steel edge of the head is high-quality and ground sharp that will help you to chop very quickly and easily. Moreover, the hickory handle is very durable. Three special safety measures are used in the attachment of the head to fix it permanently and securely with the handle. This great axe camper has a wooden wedge that is driven into the handle top, which is followed by two steel tapered collars. Read more


  • The forged head of Ruthe axe is finely polished.
  • Easy and quick chopping with the sharp ground edge.
  • Durable handle.
  • The axe-head is firmly attached to its handle with 3 safety measures.


  • The axe doesn’t come with a sheath.

How to choose the best wood splitting axe?

The weight of the head

The first thing you need to keep in mind while buying a wood splitting axe is its weight. The heavier axes will chop the wood better, but you can’t work with them for a long period for their heaviness. The heavy axe requires more energy to rise up and use. Instead of a good quality axe can give good performance and longtime usability even if its weight is less.

If you are new in cutting woods, you may not like spending too much energy on this job. In that case, we will suggest you buy an axe that weighs less than 5 pounds. Start off with a lighter axe, and when becoming an expert at splitting wood with an axe, you can use heavier ones.

Handle Material

The material of the handle can be wood, steel, fiberglass, plastic, hickory or ash. They are well-designed, but you should not concentrate on the good look only. You have to choose a handle that has a firm grip on your hand, and the material is of high-quality. The length of the handle is also an important factor to consider.


Design of the axe

Choose a solid axe head with no joints noticeable. The solidity will give you the guarantee of the no-compromise strength of the head. It will also prevent the axe head from breaking down. The axe head should be intact for ensuring safety and security with its handle well-thrust into the eye.


We tried to provide the best splitting axe reviews to help you in finding a good splitting axe. We hope that our review and guideline will be useful for you while making your choice.

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