Best Wood Splitting Tools Reviews For 2020

Best Wood Splitting Tools and Reviews For 2019

Unless you’ve got a high-powered hydraulic splitter, best wood splitting tools may be a far better tool for chopping wood than an everyday previous axe. We’ve compiled these prime four selections for you to match and decide the best wood splitting tools for your wants. Use the fast comparison chart below, and consider the complete reviews any right down to facilitate create an aware alternative and decide the proper one for you!

best wood splitting toolsGransfors Bruks 32″ splitting Maul4.8CHECK LATEST PRICE
best wood splitting toolsFiskars IsoCore 36″Splitting Maul4.8CHECK LATEST PRICE
best wood splitting toolsFiskars X27 36″ Super Splitting Axe4.7CHECK LATEST PRICE
best wood splitting toolsWilton Tools 36″ BASH Splitting Maul4.8CHECK LATEST PRICE
best wood splitting toolsTrue Temper Wood Splitting-Maul4.1CHECK LATEST PRICE

Best Wood Splitting Tools Reviews

1. Gransfors Bruks 32″ splitting Maul

The Gransfors Bruks splitting tools is without doubt one in all the most capable axes on our list. This Swedish created axe is the clear favourite among most folk. it’s well solid and encompasses a superbly formed and sharpened head and blade. The blade comes The handle of the Gransfors Bruks is formed of hickory, a decent and durable reliable wood. The 31 in. the handle may be a good length, applied science and well-shaped to fit dead in your hands. the head weighs 5.5 pounds, that is a very little smaller than a number of the opposite tools on our list, however, it’s over capable of chopping giant logs with ease. The lighter head permits you to come up with more speed during your swing, translating into a larger force on the log.

Another great feature of the Gransfors Bruks is the Overstrike Collar. The overstrike collar is that the metal collar wrapped around the handle directly below the head. If you strike the log too on the brink of the middle, you’ll bash the handle directly on the log if your swing doesn’t absolutely split the log. The overstrike collar protects the handle from this abuse, that helps reduce harm to the handle, providing you with an extended lasting product. A wooden handle will need slightly more maintenance than fibreglass or plastic one, however, the planning alone in our opinion is worthwhile. 

The axe also includes an animal skin sheath to guard the wedge whereas storing and stop dulling or alternative such harm. though the Gransfors Bruks is on the pricy facet, you’re paying for quality. you’ll consider what the forum users need to say, and Amazon reviews. The Gransfors Bruks is that the best splitting tools you’ll obtain – if you’ve got the dough.

2. Fiskars IsoCore 36″Splitting Maul

The Fiskars splitting tools are that the 1st non-wood handle model on our list of reviews. This axe features Fiskars’ proprietary IsoCore Shock system within the handle. The handle is made of thick plastic, with a steel-reinforced fiberglass core for further strength. the inside of the handle is also insulated to cut back shock and force to your hands whereas splitting. It’s clear that Fiskars place heaps of thought into the planning of this tool.

The handle is contoured, fitting well in your hands, and is also rough for a stronger grip – great for that further grip once your work gloves or hands get a bit wet or sweating. Less slippery means that fewer blisters. Fiskars also has embodied their version of an overstrike collar. The handle directly below the jammed head may be a thicker, sturdy plastic that functions to guard the most handle from damage.

The Fiskar features an 8lbs head that’s made from heat-treated solid steel and a rust-resistant coating. the head has over enough weight to generate the force needed to split most logs. It is a touch significant for some, which can cause some of us to tire out a touch faster. The Fiskars is the most reasonable of the axes on our list, thus if you’re looking for an efficient, powerful wedge on a budget, this is often a great choice.

3. Fiskars X27 36″ Super Splitting Axe

Not amazingly, Fiskars is on our list double, this point with the X27 Splitting Axe. The Fiskars X27 is the type of sort of a hybrid of an axe and a splitting maul. the top is smaller and slimmer than the IsoCore maul, however, it still provides ample force and weight to separate your wood quickly and with efficiency. whereas the sting is claimed to be razor sharp, it’s not like an axe would be, it still is slightly on the blunt facet, creating it easier to separate wood.

The blade is covered with a special coating that reduces friction that permits for easier splitting once you connect. The handle doesn’t have the core technology like the different Fiskars, however, continues to be created with their Fiber-comp technology that provides questionable “stronger than steel” performance. It additionally lacks an overstrike collar which might offer extra strength on the shaft right below the head. we’ve seen these break in this spot, notably in terribly weather condition once 2+ season of use. substitution the handle on a maul isn’t too tough for wooden ones however is a bit tougher for these synthetics.

But, the period warranty ought to the lookout of any similar problems, however. on-line reviews are very positive further. The 36″ shaft could also be a touch long for some users, however, if you’ve got giant, wet logs to urge through you wish that further force. Taking the value purpose under consideration, you can’t fail with this model.

4. Wilton Tools 36″ BASH Splitting Maul

The Wilton splitting Maul is another artificial handled model that’s extremely creating a name for itself within the wood chopping community. Wilton has factory-made this axe with “unbreakable technology”. They’ve actually strengthened the handle with steel rods to eliminate any risk of cracking or breaking sort of a picket handle would, even once over putting. Wilton is truly thus assured in their unbreakable handle, that they offer a 2-year, $1000 warranty ought to the handle break from regular use. That’s right, if the handle breaks from regular wear and tear over two years, Wilton can offer you $1000.

They’ve tested the Wilton to 25,000 over strikes, thus you recognize that this tool will extremely take a beating. The handle is additionally coated in an exceedingly non-slip cured rubber grip, that eliminates any hand slip, that could lead on to blisters or additional dangerous injuries. the same as the Fiskars, this Wilton features an insulated shock-reducing handle that absorbs the vibrations that may ordinarily build your hands and arms shake – particularly from the steel rods being smitten.

The brilliant inexperienced recognizable hi-visibility compact head is an 8 lbs device that may simply handle any log you set it in its method. It’s definitely on the heavier aspect, because of the 8 lbs head and steel handle, however that only makes it easier to separate the logs once you comprehend swinging. Wilton is a superb choice for many things.

5. True Temper Wood Splitting-Maul

This is aforesaid to be a perfect axe for cutting or splitting wood. The axe head is 4 pounds that go to make this a heavier axe by the time you add the load of the axe handle yet.
It also has overstrike protection enclosed within the design. whereas this axe also includes a guard shaped to the handle for a better grip.
So if you’ve been needing a high-quality axe that has several bonus features in the style then this might be the axe for you. the planning is supposed to form things a lot of easier on you whereas also keeping safety at the forefront once chopping wood.

What is the best wood splitting tools?

While the general public may think that the most usually used tool for splitting wood is an axe, they’re possible simply confusing axes with mauls. A splitting tool is that the most well-liked tool in most cases once splitting wood. whereas a conventional axe and splitting tools have several common options, they’re 2 distinct tools with totally different ideal uses.

The Difference Between an Axe and a Maul

 Axes and mauls dissent largely in 3 distinct features:

  • Head size: a maul’s head is usually a lot of broader and bigger than an axe’s
  • Weight: a maul is usually larger and heavier than an axe
  • Sharpness: a maul sometimes has a thick and blunt edge whereas an axe’s blade is sharp and honed

Again, whereas each tools area unit quite similar, their unique style features create them best fitted to totally different tasks.

Ideal Uses for an Axe:

Because of an axe’s style, with its sharp blade and skinny head, it’s best fitted to chopping wood, not splitting wood. In alternative words, axes ought to be wont to cut down trees and also the ensuing logs into smaller items. The sharp fringe of an axe pass wood fibres and because the axe travels through the wood, the rest of the skinny blade slices through deeper fibres.

Once the blade begins to thicken close to the broadhead, it separates the wood and permits wood chips to escape the incision space. as a result of the force of your swing once using an axe is targeted into a thin, sharp blade, once trying to separate wood can you may find that the blade will sink deeply into a log however maybe not effectively split the log.

Ideal Uses for the best wood splitting tools:

In the same approach that making an attempt to separate wood with an axe is like swimming upstream, trying to cut (cut) wood with tools is equally tough. attributable to the thick and blunt edge, trying to cut wood fibres would be very arduous. But, we’re not trying to cut with tools, we wish to split! And for that, it’s the right tool.

Swinging the massive heavy head can turn out an excellent force centred into the blunt formed head. The boring blade continues to be skinny enough to seek out its approach in between the wood fibres and with the thick head of the maul – combined with the down-force of your swing – can push apart the log effectively on the grain, splitting your wood with a lot of larger ease.

The best splitting tools can have an oversize, significant wedge-shaped head. The splitting axe uses its giant weight and momentum to crush wood fibres and split logs on the grain. The timestamped clip below additionally provides a decent example of an axe vs maul, despite his dangerous English!

Choosing the best wood splitting tools and what to seem For

When selecting a wood splitting axe, there are a number of things to think about. can you prefer a handle made of wood or artificial and metal materials? artificial material like a fibreglass/steel combo handles operates to cut back shock and should be additional resilient than wood handles. however significant of a wedge head does one want? Synthetic/metal handles tend to be heavier than wood handles since they’re bolstered with steel.

A heavier wedge can provide larger force, however, it’ll be more tiring to use. you ought to also raise yourself what quantity are you willing to pay. Some chopping Hatchet will appear expensive, but cheaper models will be factory-made from cheaper materials. you actually do get what you procure and if you intend on mistreatment your axe for a jiffy, the investment is worthwhile.

We hope this text helped you choose the best wood splitting tools for your needs!